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COVID-19 RESPONSE: OEL continue to operate across its four global sites in these unprecedented times to ensure that the key industries get the components they need to allow them to continue to operate

We prioritize top quality service and continued support. We provide field services to optimize your assets and improve reliability.

Vibration Analysis

Dynamic Balancing

Laser Shaft Alignment

Thermal Imaging

Oil Analysis 

Acceptance Testing

Turbo machinery Analysis and Balancing

Annual Maintenance Contracts 


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The right tools are absolutely necessary to implement a condition monitoring program. That is why we have partnered with leaders in the technology to bring you state-of-the-art equipment.

Vibration Meters

Vibration Analyzer

Laser Alignment Kit

Pulley Alignment Kit

Sensors and cables

Online Vibration Monitoring Systems

Wireless Sensors

Balancing Machines 

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Osborne Engineering Ltd was founded in 1984 in Newcastle UK, as a white metal bearing repair and manufacturing facility. Enjoying an immense success, OEL soon enhanced its gas turbine and fuel system portfolio with acquisition of Turbo Power Services (TPS).

This was followed by establishment of Osborne Training (OTS) and Osborne Condition Monitoring Services to provide field services as well as technical training to oil, gas, petrochemical and power generation industries.

With facilities in UK, UAE, Poland and US, OEL now operates across four continents, working with End Users, Original Equipment Manufacturers and Service Companies.

With exceptional service quality and dedicated customer support, Osborne Engineering has obtained a reputation as an outstanding service provider.

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