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COVID-19 RESPONSE: OEL continue to operate across its four global sites in these unprecedented times to ensure that the key industries get the components they need to allow them to continue to operate

Using specialist bearing performance prediction software, our engineers can perform comprehensive evaluations of all types of hydrodynamically lubricated fluid film applications, to offer a range of standard engineered product and bespoke bearing solutions.

Our engineered product range includes the following:

  • Vertical bearing assemblies

  • Combined thrust and guide bearing assemblies

  • Vertical guide bearing assemblies

  • Fixed profile Journal bearings

  • Tilting pad thrust and Journal bearings

  • Combined thrust and journal bearings

  • Equalised or non-equalized

  • Compact or traditional designs

  • Flooded or direct lubrication designs

  • Labyrinth seals

  • Oil deflectors


Thrust Pad Carriers
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