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Mon, 18 Sept


Osborne Engineering LLC.


This training provides details on power system protect, analysis and Coordination

Time & Location

18 Sept, 09:00 – 22 Sept, 17:30

Osborne Engineering LLC., Unnamed Road - جبل عليمنطقة جبل علي الحرة - دبي - United Arab Emirates

About the Event

Power System Protection and Analysis Coordination

Course outline

Electrical power system faults

· Different types of faults

· Incidence of faults on power system equipment

· Effects of power system faults

· Magnitude of fault current, short circuit calculations

·  Detection of faults

· Clearance of faults

· Requirements of protective relaying systems

Components of power system protection schemes

· Fault detecting relays

· Tripping relays and other auxiliary relays

· Circuit breakers - bulk oil, air-blast, vacuum, SF6

· Current Transformers

· Voltage Transformers

· Ground Transformers

· The transition from electro-mechanical relays to electronic and digital microprocessor-based relays

· The application of programmable logic controllers

§ Modern microprocessor-based relays: review of types available

Current transformers (CTs) & voltage transformers (VTs)

· Various types of CTs, VTs & CVTs

· Theory and characteristics of CTs

· Application requirements of CTs for protective relaying

· Accuracy classifications

· Future trends in CT design

· Testing of CTs and VTs

Coordination of electrical protection schemes

· Fuse to fuse

· Circuit breaker to fuse

· Fuse to circuit breaker

· Back up protection

· Limitation of fault current

· Selective zones of protection

· Types of bus protection schemes

· Basic concept of differential protection

Transformer protection

· Protection characteristics

· Data requirements

· Basic protection systems

· Factors affecting protection

· Overload Protection

· Phase and Ground Fault Protection

· Primary Fuse Protection

· Primary Breaker Protection

Motor protections

· NEC and ANSI/IEEE Standards

· Motor nameplates

· ANSI/IEEE device numbers and functions

· Motor TCC curves

· MCP Low-voltage Protection

· Medium-voltage Motor Protection

· Thermal Overload Protection

· Thermal Locked Rotor Protection

· Phase and Ground Fault Protection

· Miscellaneous Protection (Undervoltage, Single-Phasing, etc.)

Generator protection

· Voltage restraint/dependent phase overcurrent

· Ground fault protection

· Differential protection

· Loss of Field protection

· Volts/Hertz protection

· Frequency protection

· Voltage protection

· Thermal protection

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