Fuel System


TPS specialises in the supply, overhaul  and flow testing of fuel nozzles, ranging from single fuel nozzles to complete combustor cover assemblies.

  • DLN Fuel nozzles
  • D/F Conventional
  • Industrial
  • Aeroderivative
  • Legacy Fuel nozzles


  • TPS uses specialist in-house test rigs and instrumentation for air and liquid fuel flow testing of fuel nozzles and assemblies. All calibration is fully traceable to UKAS sources.
  • With a wealth of knowledge and experience TPS have developed a range of overhaul and upgrade procedures in conjunction with OEM’s, service companies and end users.
  • Internal processes include: Disassembly, clean, inspection, replacement of consumables/worn components, reassembly, calibration and test. TPS provide comprehensive inspection reports and test reports for mass & volumetric air flow rates, spray cone characteristics, cone angle, spread and pressure integrity.
  • Utilising a progressive approach TPS continue to develop their repair and test processes to cater for latest fuel nozzle combustion technology.