White Metal Bearing Repair


Osborne Engineering Ltd is dedicated to providing a superior aftermarket service, optimizing the performance of our client’s machines. Our fast turnaround refurbishment service minimizes equipment downtime in the event of unscheduled maintenance or unavailability of spare parts. With over 30 years experience in the industry, Osborne Engineering Ltd originally specialised in the repair and manufacture of all types of white metal bearings. Following considerable investment we can now offer much more than the standard rebabbiting service.

  • Evaluation And Proposals Service

  • Routine Repair Work Or Component Upgrades

  • Quick Turnaround

  • Bearing Improvement Advice

  • Replacement Bearings And Components

If required we can offer complete equipment support kits, consisting of bearings, seals and any other associated components. Supported by our specialised engineering team and experienced trainers we can help facilitate machine performance upgrades and identify and eliminate common causes of machine and bearing failure. This unique service provides our customers with a complete bearing management system dedicated to reducing lead times, minimising machine downtime, improving machine efficiency and minimising vendor numbers.




  • Ultrasonic, dye penetrant and magnetic particle inspection

  •  Retrofitting of high pressure oil lift systems

  •  Cooling system upgrades

  •  Failure analysis reports

  •  Sealing upgrades

  • Dedicated repair teams in the UK, USA, Poland and UAE

  • Centrifugal Spin Cast Technology

  • Bearing modification and improvements

  • Reverse Engineering Service

  • Fast track service offering 24/7 working

  • Quality assurance ISO certificated

  • Refurbishment of vertical and horizontal bearing assemblies

  • Bearing Stock Management