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COVID-19 RESPONSE: OEL continue to operate across its four global sites in these unprecedented times to ensure that the key industries get the components they need to allow them to continue to operate

TPS is able to fully overhaul, repair and test atomising air compressors and booster pumps for GE turbines.

Commissioning TPS to carry out a comprehensive service of the unit will offer significant cost savings in comparison to purchasing a new OEM unit. TPS is able to service units from a range of manufacturers, including:

  • Atlas Copco

  • Turbonetics

  • Gardner Denver

  • Dresser Rand


  • Sourcing and replacement of all parts

  • Rebabbiting of bearings

  • Balancing of rotor

  • Shaft diameter recovery

  • Refacing of drive gear thrust faces

  • Leak check glands and seal faces

  • Spin test to check clearance

  • Rotable repair service*

Through a progressive approach of continued development, TPS is the perfect facility for both the repair of components and provision of full support and investigation into component faults and failures.

*subject to availability


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