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COVID-19 RESPONSE: OEL continue to operate across its four global sites in these unprecedented times to ensure that the key industries get the components they need to allow them to continue to operate

TPS specialises in the supply, refurbishment and flow testing of fuel nozzles, ranging from single fuel nozzles to complete combustor cover assemblies.

  • DLN Fuel Nozzles

  • DF Conventional

  • Industrial

  • Aeroderivative


TPS has specialist in-house test rigs for air and liquid fuel testing of fuel nozzles and assemblies. All calibration is fully traceable to UKAS sources.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing and manufacturing bespoke test rigs, TPS can build, commission and offer training on the following test stands:

  • Liquid Fuel Nozzle Calibration

  • Gas Nozzle Air Flow Calibration

Internal processes include the strip, clean, inspection, rebuild and test of assemblies, and the replacement of consumable parts and worn components. TPS can provide comprehensive test reports on mass or volumetric air flow rates, spray cone characteristics, cone angle, spread and pressure testing.

As part of the OEL Group, TPS is able to supply and continue to develop a wide range of auxiliary gas turbine components that are compatible with OEM components.


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